Rats in the attic, how they got there and how to get rid of rodents.

Getting rid of rodents in your attic

Many of you this time of year have heard noises in your attic. It sounds like an elephant but rest assured its only rats in your attic. Many people wonder just how they got there. One of the key areas to inspect is the line set cover of your air conditioner outside.

life n the rats hole - rodent entry

This is a view from underneath the line set cover. The opening is large enough for any rodent to gain entry. There are several ways to seal this type of rodent entry. If you discovered that you have such a rodent entry and plan of sealing it yourself, remember that there is a very strong possibility of trapping rodents in your attic.

Trapped rodents in the attic can cause more havoc. Rodents are cannibalistic by nature and if trapped with no source of food…they will turn on their buddies for a quick snack. Trying to sleep during “rat fights in the attic’ is far worse than just hearing a few bumps in the night.

The rodents may also decide to find other ways out of their new found prison by chewing through the ceiling or a wall and running about your nice home while looking for another way out. Now you have more problems.

Nothing is more embarrassing than having family or friends over and suddenly having rodents performing several Olympic events in front of very shocked audience.

You may be lucky enough to convince your visitors that you have playful “Kitchen Squirrels” in your home and not a dreaded rat infestation.

So before you plan on how to get rid of rodents in your attic, create a strategy for success and have the correct tools to do it.

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